Tuesday, January 25, 2005

First BWs Band Update

At our first party we recorded 2 songs. You can find our stuff at Newgrounds. See the name TheBushWhackers for stuff done by our band. See the name MembrsOfBushWhackers for individual stuff, controversial stuff, or sub-par stuff. We're having a party in 2 weeks, so hopefully we can record some more stuff, and put it on Newgrounds. This time hopefully more people will have songs already prepared, but ya never know what will happen, we'll see. So far the current goal is to have enough good songs for a cd by the end of spring, so we can sell the cd on our vacations over the summer. If we can figure out how, we might put the cd on cafe express or something, but most of the songs will be on Newgrounds anyways.

Saturday, January 01, 2005

The Bush Whackers Band is here

Welcome to what might very well be the largest band in history, or at least the best. After years of talking about it, it is now here. The Bush Whackers. With as many members as we have cousins (um, like 25, I dunno) the music will be coming soon to a street corner near you. So watch out, as your walking in your favorite Walmart, you may see some kids sellin you a CD, buy it, it is The Bush Whackers, and it will be the best CD you've ever heard. For those of you who don't buy $1 CDs from kids on the street, certain works from The Bush Whackers will be put on Newsgrounds, so hold on and wait for a new sound better then any you've heard before.