Saturday, February 26, 2005

Napoleon Dynamite Beta and 25's suckieness

It always takes me a while to add some things. First off I added the The Napolean Dynamite Song-BETA to Newgrounds. It's all Teddy's. It's under MembrsOfBushWhackers and called beta simply because there's alot of backround noise, Teddy messes up, and it was the only version we were able to record. BTW, since it's a messed up version, I gave it a messed up title ;) The final version will be called The Napoleon Dynamite Song and will be submitted on TheBushWhackers.

Next off, just incase anyone got confused on why 25 sucks (as if the lyrics arn't clear enough) when they heard It's Almost Over Now on Newgrounds then just check out the official explination at www dot geocities dot com slashTwenty Five Sucks slash. :P Hoorah para la bomba del google!

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Super Bowl and Birthday Party Update

Good News: We got some more stuff recorded
Bad News: We still only have 1 CD worthy song recorded

You can here the new stuff here. One more song still in BETA version should be up shortly, as soon as Teddy tells me what it's named. It's about Napoleon Dynamite but it's a terrible version (only recorded it once, there's laughs, and he messes up.) The other song is a rap by Teddy and Collin. I submited something, but its more Newgrounds related, and its not really a song.

Our CD worthy stuff is submitted here