Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Genius' Whackings and The Bush Whackers Rap Lyrics

Here's some more lyrics I just typed up while watching Adult Swim

Genius' Whackings is truly a masterpiece. Collin started writing the guitar part for it so I posted it if Collin wants to finish the guitar part, or if Teddy wants to add something, or Wall wants to write a bass, or whatever. I'm open to all ideas.

The Bush Whackers Rap is a rap by The Bush Whackers Band!!! Any cousin who wants to contribute a part may fell free to do so. Some of the lyrics may be wrong because I had to copy bad handwriting off of a plate. Collin and Teddy if you want to change or correct your part just IM Matt, or just reply in the comments section. If anyone would like to add a part just post it in the comments section. Also, I was thinking the rap needed an ending, something simple like everyone together goin "Standa- Standa- Standa- Standa- Stand up on your feet all ya lazy slackers, ownin on this rap is the killin Bush Whackers." Or w/e, anyways this song is still in the beta form.

Monday, March 28, 2005

Easter Caroling

We ended up getting one thing recorded on Easter, even if it was recorded on a video camera. Though I just played it for our mic at home, and we got our most recent recording, Easter Caroling.

First off, some basic history, we go Christmas Carolinga lot on Thanksgiving, and usually stay at the house till they pay us. So anyways I was outside with Collin, and maybe someone else, I can't remember. So anyways we were thinking of something to do, and I suggest Easter Caroling. Then We go inside, and Colin shouts "Easter Caroling!" Everyone mostly sits around, I go downstairs to get a piece of paper and penci. Teddy and Scott are down there, they don't seem interested in Easter Caroling. I go upstairs and in one minute write a Easter Carol. Everyone gets up, within 2 minutes we're outside and we start walking around outside. We start ringing door bells and singing the Carol, it's past 10 and really dark so we can't see the paper and we sound horrible. I'm taping most of the times, and the version I submitted came from a time when there was a light on their property and we sang it pretty good.

Those singing who have contributed to The Bush Whackers Band:
Matt, Nick, Brittney, Jillian
Those singing who haven't contributed:
Georgia, Vinnie, Amanda
Collin- He may have sang some of the times, but I remember other times him ducking in the backround
Wally - He rang the doorbell sometimes, but he was walking 15 feet away from us most of the time.

Sunday, March 27, 2005

The Napoleon Dynamite Song and Serious Collin Lyrics

OK, I promised yesterday, and I'm delivering today. Here are the lyrics to "The Napoleon Dynamite Song" and "Serious Collin". I meant to do more, but I was too lazy. I also lost the lyrics to "The War on Pandas". I rewrote the first half and the chorus and it's basically the same, but I can't remember the second verse. O well, Hopefully I'll find the original lyrics Monday or something.

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Penguin and Top Hat

I got tired of not getting anything recorded at parties, so I recorded and submitted two more songs today. I had a long list of songs I've had for 2 1/2 months, so I recorded "Penguin" and "Top Hat" today in addition to "Serious Collin" which I wrote last week. I find writing lyrics rather easy, though I'm not very talented musically so don't expect much. I also put a BETA behind Top Hat and Serious Collin because I figured those can get better musically. Penguin on the other hand I assumed is as good as it's going to get.

Also, I've been writing down the lyrics to some songs so Collin, Teddy, or whoever can record them if they want over spring break. I'll post links to the lyrics tonight or tommorow morning.

Serious Collin

Well I (Matt) recorded Serious Collin and submited it to Newgrounds. I said it was BETA, because I basically submitted the first version I recorded. The singing's not great, and I kinda mess up on the guitar, but then again, I shouldn't be the one playing guitar or singing this particular song. Anyways, the song is all about what it's like to be Collin. I ended up writing it last week at the party. I decided to write it while Teddy and Collin were talking. Collin said that he had wrote some serious songs. At first I thought "what does Collin have to be serious about???". Then I thought about some things Collin had said at the party, and I realized, maybe there was alot to being Collin. So I decided to write a song so the whole world would know what it's like to be Collin.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Party, Collin Song, Zelda Guitar, and Mario Guitar

OK, so we had a party and we got nothing recorded. I (Matt) wrote a song about what it's like to be Collin (I'll explain more when I get it recorded) we also started a Bush Whackers rap with parts by Me Collin and Teddy.

I had hoped to on one day submit multiple versions of some video games songs, but it was looking like it was never going to happen, so I ended up just recording my parts and submiting them to Newgrounds. Just fyi, I'm the worst guitarist of the BWs, so don't expect too much. Here's Zelda, and here's Mario.

More submissions coming soon, Fri and Sat I plan to just start submitting BETA versions of the songs I've written. We're not getting em recorded at parties so I'm just going to record and submit them, even if it's just me playing the guitar poorly, wit no backup or anything :-/

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Sunshine in the Summertime

Sunshine in the Summertime is not technically a Bush Whackers Band song. Yet. The version in the link I provided goes to the song on Newgrounds. The song was created before the BWs officially started recording music. The contributors to the song are Collin and Teddy of the BWs and a kid who's name, I believe, is Aids. Or at least that's what everyone calls him.