Wednesday, April 20, 2005

The Ghost Of George Bush and Beta CD

First thing's first. We got a new song. It's called The Ghost Of George Bush. I (Matt) wrote it over the weekend. Friday I came up with the first verse and chorus and the basic tune to it. Saturday I wrote the second verse, added a intro, perfected the piano part and learned to sing and play the whole thing at the same time. I only recorded one version, there are some small mistakes, but I didn't think the mistakes were large enough to record a whole new version. It's clearly not one of our best songs, but I really didn't spend that much time on it. I was supposed to be writing a report anyways while I was recording it. The song is our second song written about George Bush, third song referencing him, and our first one actually recorded.

It's good though we finally got a song recorded about George W. Bush this weekend because it came just in time for our first CD. It's called "The Bush Whackers - Beta". It's called Beta obviously because we only have one official song, and the CD is filled with everything I had that could possibly be considered a recording by The Bush Whacks Band. It totaled 27 minutes. It was made for one of our cousins. Here is the play list and the sections it's divided in:
1. It's Almost Over Now (Diss to 25)
Official once re-recorded
2. Rollin Through The Hood
3. The Napoleon Dynamite Song
4. Sunshine in the Summertime (T and C version)
5. Easter Caroling
Semi-Corrupt Freestylin
6. Matt Freestyle Plus Hilarity Ensuing
7. Teddy Freestylin
8. Collin Freestylin
9. Matt Freestyle Puppy Bowlin
10. Teddy Freestyle Diss to Collin
Matt Bored
11. The Ghost Of George Bush
12. Penguin
13. Top Hat - Beta
14. Serious Collin - Beta
15. Super Mario Theme
16. Legend of Zelda Theme
17. Comp Diss to NG HH-M Section
18. Cokemusic Style
Failed Versions
19. Rollin Through The Hood - Corrupt
20. Legend of Zelda Theme Failed
21. Serious Collin Failed
22. Serious Collin Failed 2
23. Beat Up Your Girlfriend (For The Insurance)
24. Collin and Mountain Dew

I just wrote that down from memory, so o well if it's wrong. About half the stuff is on Newgrounds under MembrsOfBushWhackers and The BushWhackers. Some of it comes from the semi-corrupted 10 minute freestyle where at a party we just recorded 10 straight minutes of us freestylin and other random stuff. The file some how got totally messed up. Some of it I had to edit before I could use.

One last thing, Genius' Whackings is going to be changed alot. First off I'm going to get rid of the first part of it, I never liked that part. Second, I'm going to add alot more sections, I already wrote 8 lines on a Napkin during work, and I'm going to write a lot more. I want this to be a masterpiece symphony, 10 minutes long or more.