Sunday, May 08, 2005

Injured Apple

We had a party and we actually ended up getting another song recorded. It's called Injured Apple. Teddy sings and plays the guitar. Wally sings. It was meant to be a heavy metal song. I don't really know that much about history/writing of it since I was with the coppers while it was being written. I'll add more to this post if I hear anything interesting.

We barely got one song recorded today. During the last 30-40 minutes of the party the BWs members finally sat down and started writing. Teddy and Wally were being yelled at to leave right as we started recording it. It ended up taking 4 attempts since Teddy kept cracking up throughout the song. I taped this song with a video camera, then re-recorded it on to my computer, it sounds fine to me, but they might do another version and record it straight to a computer.

Tommorow is Mother's Day and we'll hopefully will all be at our Grandma's at the same time and can get some more writing/recording done.


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