Wednesday, May 11, 2005

This Song is For Tards and Buddy Christ

I submitted two songs to Newgrounds today. I'll give all the background info and stuff on on both.

First off is This Song Is For Tards. I actually started writing this song months ago. For months half of the song was basically finished, I just never got around to finishing it. Finally this Sunday I just wrote an ending for it so I'd have something at the party. At the party I decided I basically knew how I wanted the song to go and ended up just writing the guitar part by myself. Then on Monday and Tuesday I wrote the intro and outro. Is outro even a word? w/e. I played around with some different ideas, but eventually settled on what I have right now. It took me a while to memorize the entire guitar part in my head. Tuesday afternoon I recorded the song for the first time. I listened to it and though my singing was just horrible (that's not to say that I'm ever a good singer.) I wanted to record it another time though my fingers were just killing me. It is, after all, a 4 minute song, and I haven't played that much guitar in a while. Also it was hot in my room and I had to turn off the fan and close the windows so there would be no outside noise, and my left hand ended up sweating as I would play it. So anyways, I woke up today, it was cooler, and my fingers hurt less, after playing around for a while I recorded the version that is now on Newgrounds. There are some mistakes, though I'm not a great guitarist and it would be impossible for me to play a 4 minute song with no mistakes. Also I cut off the last 20 seconds so it would fit the size requirements for Newgrounds. Your not missing anything, it was just me playing quieter and quieter to end it.

Phew, well that's the story behind that song. As for it's future, I'll always leave it open for changes. Some songs, like The Ghost of George Bush, I can't imagine having anything to ever add or change to it. For the Tard song there are a world of possibilities. First off I'm not that great at guitar so there's a lot of room for change there. Also I love the topic, and we can always change verses, add new ones, take out old ones. That's not to say the song is currently in Beta form, it's in its final form, anything new would be a remix or something.

Ok, now for Buddy Christ. First let me say, I hate this rap. This, I believe, was a case of a song sounding decent in my head, but once I recorded it, everything went horribly wrong. I don't even like the lyrics anymore, I could have tried recording a better version, but I don't feel like wasting my time on this song. The song is basically about current events. It's basically my political thoughts on the "religious" right who are in the news constantly these days. I like to try to be more funny then serious in my songs, that's why I don't like Buddy Christ. I actually finished This Song is For Tards so I would have a good song to balance out Buddy Christ. The history behind the song is, I was trying to write a fast attack rap in one of my classes, it was a political class, so I ended up writing about politics. I ended up hating the entire thing except for two sections, those were the chorus and the "conservative haze, the end of days, destroy the earth because Jesus saves" part. When I was sitting in the car going home I decided to write something. I started written Buddy Christ around those two parts. It sounded decent in my head so I kept writing. I finished it the next day at the party. The last verse is the worst, I wrote that to try to come up with an ending, and it just sounds horrible. Sunday I recorded it. Nick did the beats, and screwed them up. I don't know how it's possible to screw up beats, but he managed to do it. Then I submitted it today along with This Song Is For Tards.

BTW, if you don't get the "Buddy Christ" reference. Watch Dogma.


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