Wednesday, June 22, 2005

The Napoleon Dynamite Song and more

I got a big update this name, I'll arrange it by our three Newgrounds names, starting with the best, ending with the worst:

TheBushWhackers: Finally has a second song. Last night Teddy e-mailed me a final version of The Napoleon Dynamite Song. It's just like Da Napolean Dynamite Song-BETA without the backround noise, mess ups, or "turn the pages". Also it's played on an electric guitar. It sounds good, so finally, after 6 months, we have a second official song.

MembrsOfBushWhackers: The last 2 songs on this name have been submitted by Teddy. Big Red Plunger, and Bling Bling. Bling Bling is a long rap Teddy wrote a little while ago. Big Red Plunger consists of Teddy screaming and playing the guitar, in retrospect, he probably should have submitted it to RndTBWBExtr.

RndTBWBExtr: This name has a lot of news stuff. After the 2 cokmusic songs I submitted 5 of our freestyles from the 10 minute freestyle we had at the Super Bowl party. Teddy then submitted two guitar songs, the cool that is a song and OPERATION DECEPTION. Then I submitted the King Of The Hill theme song played on an acoustic guitar. This Flash artist called FourStar actually used that song in his flash, though all it was was a video of some idiot, so the submission got marked for administrative review. Then today Teddy submitted his version of the Usher "Yeah" song music played on his guitar.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

I Hate Newgrounds

OK, so I decided to make a 3rd Bush Whackers name to submit stuff that sucks, freestyles and what naut. What naut? Well anyways I made TheBWsGarbage, and submitted a Collin Freestyle, and Newgrounds banned the name. So then I made a new name, RndTBWBExtr (Random The Bush Whackers Band Extra) and submitted some Cokemusic beats, I made the name weird so they wouldn't relate it to TheBWsGarbage, and submitted Cokemusic beats because that got the name MembrsOfBushWhackers approved.

So anyways, they approved the name, I decided to submit one more Cokemusic beat, just to get them all out there, it is a name for garbage afterall. So I sign in to RndTBWBExtr, then submit the song, and for some reason it got submitted to MembrsOfBushWhackers. So now there are two sucky Cokemusic songs on the middle name. O well. Atleast it didn't go to TheBushWhackers.

So our names right now are:

TheBushWhackers - Our best finished stuff
MembrsOfBushWhackers - Supposed to be any ok song, in-progress song, or offensive songs.
RndTBWBExtr - Our garbage, freestyles and stuff.

Friday, June 10, 2005

Disco Another Day

Two days after I finally update the blog The Bush Whackers have an awesome new song. Coincidence? Yes.

The new song was a collaboration between me (Matt) and Nick. The new song is called Disco Another Day. The inspiration for the song came when we were at the Newgrounds audio section and decided it needed more disco. I started randomly making some beats and ideas and stuff with Nick, and eventually decided to start writing it down. We went through each section of the song and I wrote down all the different parts. There's no disco section in Newgrounds so I freestyle some funk in the middle so we could submit it to the Funk.

Disco Underground
All the cool Kats
Are ravin and clubbin
To the disco tracks

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Energy and Billy the Kid

Yea, I know, it's been a while since I updated the blog, I'm kinda lazy.

So anyways we have 2 new songs since last update.

One of them is Billy The Kid. It's all Teddy. I don't really know much of the history behind it.

The other is Energggy!. Let me just give a disclaimer, Energy is the worst, most garbage song ever. Well, maybe second worst, Buddy Christ is pretty bad too. Energy was completely done by me, Matt. The history behind it is we were sitting around at a party and I wanted to write a song, I looked for a piece of paper in the car and found a DTE Energy envelope. I then proceeded to write a song about Energy. It really is a terrible song, I put no effort or thought at all behind the lyrics, none at all. I had no real intention at all of recording it, then I was talking to Teddy a few weeks later, and he said record it, so I said ok, and did. The music for it is me randomly freesylin between 3 notes on the guitar. It is a terrible song. Don't listen to it.