Tuesday, June 14, 2005

I Hate Newgrounds

OK, so I decided to make a 3rd Bush Whackers name to submit stuff that sucks, freestyles and what naut. What naut? Well anyways I made TheBWsGarbage, and submitted a Collin Freestyle, and Newgrounds banned the name. So then I made a new name, RndTBWBExtr (Random The Bush Whackers Band Extra) and submitted some Cokemusic beats, I made the name weird so they wouldn't relate it to TheBWsGarbage, and submitted Cokemusic beats because that got the name MembrsOfBushWhackers approved.

So anyways, they approved the name, I decided to submit one more Cokemusic beat, just to get them all out there, it is a name for garbage afterall. So I sign in to RndTBWBExtr, then submit the song, and for some reason it got submitted to MembrsOfBushWhackers. So now there are two sucky Cokemusic songs on the middle name. O well. Atleast it didn't go to TheBushWhackers.

So our names right now are:

TheBushWhackers - Our best finished stuff
MembrsOfBushWhackers - Supposed to be any ok song, in-progress song, or offensive songs.
RndTBWBExtr - Our garbage, freestyles and stuff.


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