Wednesday, June 22, 2005

The Napoleon Dynamite Song and more

I got a big update this name, I'll arrange it by our three Newgrounds names, starting with the best, ending with the worst:

TheBushWhackers: Finally has a second song. Last night Teddy e-mailed me a final version of The Napoleon Dynamite Song. It's just like Da Napolean Dynamite Song-BETA without the backround noise, mess ups, or "turn the pages". Also it's played on an electric guitar. It sounds good, so finally, after 6 months, we have a second official song.

MembrsOfBushWhackers: The last 2 songs on this name have been submitted by Teddy. Big Red Plunger, and Bling Bling. Bling Bling is a long rap Teddy wrote a little while ago. Big Red Plunger consists of Teddy screaming and playing the guitar, in retrospect, he probably should have submitted it to RndTBWBExtr.

RndTBWBExtr: This name has a lot of news stuff. After the 2 cokmusic songs I submitted 5 of our freestyles from the 10 minute freestyle we had at the Super Bowl party. Teddy then submitted two guitar songs, the cool that is a song and OPERATION DECEPTION. Then I submitted the King Of The Hill theme song played on an acoustic guitar. This Flash artist called FourStar actually used that song in his flash, though all it was was a video of some idiot, so the submission got marked for administrative review. Then today Teddy submitted his version of the Usher "Yeah" song music played on his guitar.


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