Thursday, September 08, 2005

New Bush Whackers News

First things first, Teddy submitted a new song to MembrsOfBushWhackers, it's called Fired! It's kinda short, and not one of his best songs, but, ummmmmmmmm, listen to it anyways.

Wally was telling me has atleast one new song wrote that he hasn't recorded. I havn't heard anything new from Collin or anyone else.

As for me (Matt), within the last week I've done my first Bush Whackers stuff since the last blog update. Over Labor Day, when talking late at night with cousins I started two songs. One's kinda political, the other is the story of a day in the life of Aids, my cousins "friend" who is just ridiculous. The Aids one I wrote the first verse and the chorus, it probably won't be done for a while. The political song is done, and I have the style of music I want for it in my head, though I won't be able to record it for weeks/months till I go home and get a chance to use the piano.

Then, yesterday, I wrote one more song. I was working at 7am, and doing nothing (noone eats at 7am) and finally wrote a song. It started off as just a generic rap to submit to my personal GWBblows screen name on Newgrounds, it eventually became a "Rollin Through The Hood" style song. I been wanting to write my own RTTH type rap for a while. It sorta becomes a story, I hope it will sound good, then again I thought Buddy Christ would sound good, and that was horrible. I'll tell the whole story behind the song when I submit it (probably around the same time I submit the political one).

Lastly, when I do finish the two non-Aids songs (my RTTH, and the political one) I probably won't submit em to MembrsOfBushWhackers. My RTTH because it was wrote for GWBblows, and the political one because it's filleed with swearing rants, especially at the end.

BTW, my RTTH, isn't going to be titled "my RTTH", I have a name for it, It's an awesome name, that's why you'll only see it when I submit the awesome song to go with it on Newgrounds.