Monday, October 24, 2005

Relax And Grab A Snickers

Relax And Grab A Snickers is a new song by Teddy. He says it's "a song about life in general".

Monday, October 17, 2005

My life Is Constipated

Teddy submitted a new song to MembrsOfBushWhackers today, and it's awesome. The new song is called My life Is Constipated, it's Teddy singing and playing the acoustic guitar.

Sunday, October 16, 2005


I was bored so I decided to add up the band's downloads on Newgrounds again. The previos count had been done September 8th. We got a suprising number of downloads in the last month, over 400. Over half of those new downlads came from our top 5 songs.

The Napoleon Dynamite Song and Super Mario - Guitar had huge jumps, they recieved a combined 175 downloads in the last month. The reason for the huge jumps I'd guess would be the fact that if you google "Super Mario Guitar" our NG page is the 3rd to come up, and if you google "Napoleon Dynamite Song" our NG page is the 5th to come up. The rush of Downloads finally made The Napoleon Dynamite song our most downloaded song at 277 downloads, beating out It's Almost Over Now (Diss to 25) which has 243.

Zelda Theme - Guitar is barely hanging on to the 5th spot. Guitar - King Of The Hill Theme is 1 download behind Zelda, Bling Bling is behind by 10.

Overall our songs have been downloaded 2046 times off of Newgrounds. 988 of those downloads come from our top 5.

As for when any new stuff might come, I'll try to find out what, if anything everyone's working on. I occasionaly get ideas, but the only thing I've really done, is write, and now record my own Rolling Through The Hood. I'll submit it and everything when I take the time to put beats to the recorded lyrics.