Sunday, November 06, 2005

An Early Demise

Two songs in one day! Well, they were submitted about 18 hours a part, though tecnically they were both submitted 11/05. The new song is An Early Demise by Teddy.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Tribute to Bubba Sparxxx

We got a new song written and recorded tonight, Tribute to Bubba Sparxxx. Four BW members were involved, which is the most of any song other than Beat Up Your Girlfriend (For The Insurance). It was written, rapped, composed and arranged by Matt. The backup and beats were provided by Nick, Collin and Teddy.

Here's the history behind the song: today when flipping through other people's songs on our iTunes server, I (Matt) listened to Ugly by Bubba Sparxxx for the first time in three years. While going to eat lunch and thinking of ideas for BW songs, I come up with "Tribute to Bubba Sparxxx". Then while watching Nick's play with Teddy and Collin that night, Teddy brings up Bubba Sparxxx, which reminds me of the song. I decide I have to write it and start when I get home. I finish the lyrics, plan out how I want it to sound, and give a part of the beats to Nick, Collin, and Teddy. After some mic problems, and some practice attempts we get a good version recorded.