Friday, February 17, 2006


I (Matt) went home for the weekend, and now The BWs have three new submissions:

Painter - BETA - This is on Membrs. The whole thing is by me. This song was almost a year in the making. The chorus was written in a resturant spring of last year. The first verse was written on a rock over summer. The last two verses, half of the extra part, and most of the guitar was written over winter break. The rest of the final part, the redone solo, redoing the final chorus, and learning to play the whole thing was done last weekend.

It's in BETA form because for one, it was incredibly rushed. I had less then a hour to record a good version, and didn't really have the lyrics or guitar memorized at the time. Though beside that the song's not meant to be done alone. It would be best if we could do the whole song together as a band, though I'd settle for an electric guitar and some backup vocalists.

- Tears Of A Clone - CoverThis is on Rnd, it's a cover of a song Will Forte sings on the show Clone High. I'd been singing it in the halway and decided I wanted to sing it and submit it when I get home. And I did.

Why o Why - This is on Rnd, and it's just terrible, it was designed that way. Teddy was trying to write the worst guitar part ever, and I was going to write the worst lyrics ever. Though after half an hour and the guitar actually coming out pretty good, I just wrote the guitar and the whole song in like one minute.

Lastly, me, Teddy, and Collin started working on a new song last week, though that's a while away from being finished.